New York Fashion Week (SS 2018) – Part 2

Dear Reader,

New York Fashion Week part two is here. The rest of the posts for fashion week will only have a couple photo’s with my personal review and a full collection review below the pictures.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called nyfw (New York Fashion Week). Continue reading


Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2018

Dear Reader,

Fashion Week has begun! It’s actually been more than a week since it’s began but life got in the way of posting. However, here I am! Please do not expect these posts to come all at once as they take some time and I have been quite busy lately.

Anyways, I am really excited to share with you guys my thoughts on everything! Let me tell you, I have already looked through many that have already come out and I am in love.  Here are all dates that the fashion weeks will be running including their website particular for the cities fashion weeks.

New York: September 7 – 14

London: September 15 – 19

Milan: September 20 – 26

Paris: September 26 – October 2

Here is the website where you are able to watch the fashion shows live: Fashion Week Online

Here are links to past fashion weeks as well: SS2016. FW 2016. SS2017. FW2017.

Dear Reader, enjoy Fashion Week!


september 2017 mood board



the dreaded month has arrived where new beginnings will take place and new memories will be made with new people that I have yet to meet. this month will be hard for so many different reasons. this is a huge change in all aspects of my life and I have been dreading it since the topic had first come up. the feeling of anxiety and panic that has risen every time I have thought about it, will now probably get worse due to the fact that now i’m actually living it. I made myself some goals for this month since I knew it would be hard. number one: make some friends. here in this new environment I know absolutely nobody. thankfully I have already met a couple of new people. they all seem quite nice and fun so I hope our friendship will last. number two: stay in contact with everyone from before. this is definitely something that I will continue to always do as it’s hard to leave someone or something behind. number three: stay on top of all your work and be punctual. I haven’t thankfully gotten any work yet but I have been quite punctual so far. this month will definitely be tough but I hope that I will somehow get through it. I have to remember that this happens to loads of people and not only me. we all are experiencing the same thing. I hope that this month ends well for me.

prompt: september wakes across the road towards a unknown area. new experiences, new memories and new people await. september looks over their shoulder and sees the remains of august left behind; a bracelet, a movie ticket and a t-shirt. all from memories that once were.


september 2017 mood board

the reason for my absence

dear reader,

the reason for my absence and lack of online presence these past couple of days has been due to the countless days filled to the brim of activities being completed with my family and my friends. even some that were just for me. as said in countless other posts this is my sort of last summer or last few days that are going to be like the past. soon a new chapter will start and i’m trying to make my last few moments a good one.

around mid-august my family and I went for a weekend vacation just two to four hours from where I reside. it was a great weekend as we did many fun and exciting activities that we haven’t done for a long time, or haven’t done at all. this was also a vacation we all had after about seven to eight years, as the last one was when we all went to Pakistan when I was in middle school.

my cousin and aunt and uncle have also been over for almost two weeks. and although they are leaving in just a few days, my time with them has been unforgettable. we have been to a theme park, fruit picking, gone under a large waterfall and so much more. and of course, we have had countless movie nights! (right now, we are re-watching the final harry potter movie!)

this entire month has also been a month dedicated to my wonderful friends from these past couple of years. we had our annual summer party (this was the second year). a couple of us went downtown and went shopping for art supplies, makeup and clothes. my reading buddy and I spent awhile at a bookstore. another friend and I had samosas and jelabi in a near by park. and of course my fashion enthusiast friend and I went shopping in a street filled with vintage stores, a coffee place or two, and a lake where we sat and chatted for awhile. even though some of my closest friends don’t live near me anymore, I still was able to chat with them almost daily about everything throughout this summer.

as you can tell, it’s been quite hectic in my life this month and the past. so please excuse me for my absence this past month. I still have many ideas and posts in my so do not fear as I am planning to post more in the coming future. however, this next month will also be quite busy with me settling into my new surroundings, so please excuse me for the lack of posts that may come.

dear reader, I hope you enjoyed beda even though I didn’t make it all the way through.


ps. EID MUBARAK and hope you have a wonderful eid!

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen, was a bittersweet day in many ways. I hung out with three of my best friends for one last time before we part for the upcoming school year. I went on a tour to an area that I have wished to reside in for so long, but I am unfortunately not going to be. I admired and bought many new art supplies that I wish to use for professional work, yet I am still an artist that is still finding her style, and won’t be able to do anything professionally for a long while.

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen, was a day filled with many memories with three of my best friends. we laughed. we talked. we enjoyed our time together. whenever the four of us do something together, it is always so memorable. we toured a beautiful campus, and remembered are time here before with our previous class. we then hid for a couple of hours from a beautiful moment in our life called the solar eclipse for we were afraid that something may happen to us somehow. it was mostly our mothers but we didn’t mind, as we ate our lunch within a great building with many places to wander about. subway and timmies (tim hortons) for lunch, along with some ice capps, and later on a bubble tea. we wandered within the centre looking at clothes, shoes, makeup, and so much more. we visited mac, nyx, and sephora and came out looking amazing with shimmery cheekbones and glossy lips, and who can forget that silver eyeliner! we walked along for a couple hours and checked out some books and more. we later escaped that enclosed building and soon made our way to an art shop that we all have come to love. along the way we saw a beautiful green area where many pictures were taken. the art shops were beautiful and breathtaking and filled to the tip with art supplies. we spent about an hour in each as we gathered our precious materials that we have wanted for so long. afterwards we stopped by to get ice cream and decided not to as we had spent to much that day on art supplies alone. we travelled back home on the train and said our farewells, as we knew that we would not be able to see one another again for a while.

monday the twenty first of august twenty seventeen, was a day that I will forever remember as it was the day I was able for the first time allowed to go out wander the city with my friends. a city far from where I or my friends reside. a city unknown that has not been travelled much by I or my family. I was able to explore and express myself how I wanted to within the pleasant company of my beloved friends. it was a day that I left my friends knowing that once we see each other again we will be adults and have learned from our past mistakes. it was a day that I was able to see that the great big old city is not exactly like how I feared it to be. it was a day that I found out that its hard to leave behind the best of friends. it was a day that I learned that some goodbyes are never going to be the end.


tea pink satin

tea pink satin
this look is perfect for a night out, or a semi formal party. the look consists of a high neck tea pink satin top with a black skirt with a black striped overlay. tea pink accessories include wedged boots, a satchel, phone case and a watch. #summer #classy

Warehouse high neckline crop top
16 CAD –

Flared skirt
36 CAD –

Gianvito Rossi suede ankle boots
1,225 CAD –

Sasha brown handbag
31 CAD –

Nine West pink jewelry
62 CAD –

Casetify iphone case
50 CAD –

Jcp flower decal
34 CAD –

the settlement of unhappiness

I haven’t felt a moment of peace, a moment of complete silence, a moment of relaxation in such a long while. it has seemed like forever ago since I could feel my chest being lifted and floating away. no heaviness of deadlines, ignorance and self-doubt weighing me down. no fogged or clouded head weighing me down once again. the ability to be in the moment. the ability to be able to focus and not have everything so cloudy. the ability for it to not look as if i’m looking through a television screen. the ability to be able to be by myself but surrounded with others at the same time. the ability to not have self-doubt in what i do and who i am. the ability to be able to talk to people and not shy away. let’s just say, it has been a while since i have been able to look up at the sky into a sea of clouds or at the moon and feel at peace. it seems as if it has been three blue moons since the last time i was able to love myself and be free of my thoughts and those words of others that has seemed to have locked me up from the potential that i can put out. i hope one day, i can freely be myself. be happy. be able to look up at the sky and feel like i can fly without being pulled down from the heaviness of unhappiness that has settled within me.


pastel paradise

Dear Reader,
this collection was inspired by my love for pastel colours which I’ve loved since absolutely forever. I’ve wanted to do this since forever and I love all the looks. these looks actually were saved in my drafts for well over a year as they were going to be part of a completely different collection. this is what turned out to be.  #pastel #summer
dear reader, I hope you enjoy these looks!