soft in the snow

soft in the snow

 soft in the snow by saamstaa featuring wedge shoes

this look is so soft and cozy, and I think i’m in love with it! the look consists of a black full sleeve turtle neck top, with black flared jeans and a light tan shearling coat. the coat looks like a teddy bear material which I am in love with! accessories include a tan small wedged boot, a backpack, printed black and tan scarf, watch and phone case. gold earrings and a bracelet are also added for a light touch of glam. #winterstyle #casualoutfit


Zimmermann top
525 CAD –

MANGO pink coat
75 CAD –

J Brand jeans
290 CAD –

TOMS wedge shoes

Backpack bag
1,095 CAD –

Hueb gold jewelry
3,715 CAD –

Kate Spade leather watch
125 CAD –

Humble Chic vintage jewellery
23 CAD –

Burberry cashmere scarve
545 CAD –

Casetify tech accessory
56 CAD –



patchwork cape

patchwork cape

 patchwork cape by saamstaa featuring retro glasses

this look is so trendy, and something that pretty much every fashion blogger whereas in the cold months of the year. the look consists of black ripped skinny jeans, with a full sleeve black turtle neck, and a large patchwork cape, which is black, white and tan. accessories include gray boots, phone case, watch and satchel. along with a black beanie and glasses. #cozy #coffeebreak


Zimmermann turtleneck top
525 CAD –

Madeleine Thompson cape coat
375 CAD –

Closed skinny jeans

H&M high heel shoes
44 CAD –

Ann Demeulemeester man bag
410 CAD –

Tech accessory
96 CAD –

Slouchy beanie
18 CAD –

ZeroUV retro glasses
16 CAD –

what’s new stamps: Impress Rubber Stamps
12 CAD –


balloon sleeve sweater

balloon sleeve sweater

 balloon sleeve sweater by saamstaa featuring gray ankle boots

this look is warm and cozy and perfect for a day out, or a day in. the look consists of a gray balloon sleeved sweater with a high neck, black ripped skinny jeans, and gray heeled boots. accessories include a gray hat, satchel, phone case and a watch. #warm #winterstyle


Topshop loose fitting sweater
59 CAD –

Gianvito Rossi gray ankle boots
840 CAD –

Yves Saint Laurent shoulder strap bag
1,615 CAD –

CLUSE pink gold watch
155 CAD –

Sofiacashmere pom pom beanie hat
115 CAD –

Iphone case
13 CAD –


Paris Couture Haute SS 2018 – Part II

Dear Reader,

The second part of my review for the Paris Couture Haute Fashion Week Spring 2018 is here! The website that informed me of all designers was Mode à Paris, and the pictures were taken from the reviews on Vogue.  Here is a specific link: Spring 2017 Couture.

Also, a little reminder that the names of each designer are also linked with their personal website, which will take you to another page. As well as, some designs may have short note as to why I am in love with the look, so please click to look closely at the designs and read my review of the particular design. Continue reading

Paris Couture Haute SS 2018 – Part I

Dear Reader,

Paris Couture Haute 2018 was an amazing week! It went from January 22 – 25. The website that informed me of all designers was Mode à Paris, and the pictures were taken from the reviews on Vogue.  Here is a specific link: Spring 2018 Couture.

I loved looking through all the designs that were shown and a couple stood out to me the most. Often I was scrolling through twitter admiring these designs, while standing outside of my class. I would just like to point out that these are my opinions on these designs which just so happen to be my favorite and the ones I fell in love with.

Also, a little reminder that the names of each designer are also linked with their personal website, which will take you to another page. As well as, some designs may have short note as to why I am in love with the look, so please click to look closely at the designs and read my review of the particular design. Continue reading

wool and cashmere

wool and cashmere

 wool and cashmere by saamstaa featuring a cable knit beanie

this look is perfect for walking around in the cold, with a slight breeze and the smell of coffee in the air. the look consists of a wool and cashmere gray and blue cape, black full sleeve top and some ripped skinny jeans. gray accessories are added which include, heeled boots, a satchel, a beanie with a pompom, knitted gloves, and a watch. #winter2017 #Winter #warm


Zimmermann long sleeve turtleneck
520 CAD –

Burberry poncho cape
370 CAD –

Closed torn jeans

Prada grey ankle booties
650 CAD –

Faux leather purse
31 CAD –


Rella cable knit beanie
45 CAD –

Vince Camuto grey glove
13 CAD –

Linea Venus wall stickers
27 CAD –



I haven’t picked up a pen and properly written about my day or my thoughts or my dreams or what I have seen in so long. I used to keep a diary. and to be honest I still do. I am proud to say that I have come up to at least eight so far. however, the past few years I haven’t been able to write in them. I always pick up a new blank notebook that is ready to be filled by memories, however I always forget. or I always get distracted by a certain point in my life.

last year, as in twenty-sixteen, I wrote in my diary for the last few months. as well as in the summer. I was able to express myself through my words and sketches and doodles of random people and things everywhere and all around. I am so proud of that. but, here I am. the entirety of this past year has been filled with many memories and little moments that I wish I properly captured. I wish I could have written them in detail. word by word. letter by letter. just to show my future self the wonderful and not so wonderful moments of my life.

I will say that a huge reason for the lack of writing and expressing myself in my diary or journal would be due to the amount of time I may have in a day left over. my day usually consists of school, homework, work around the house, do some art, homework, sleep, homework, repeat. on top of that I must be able to spend time with my family, with my friends and with myself. the time I have to myself usually is filled with doodles and videos of homey vlogs and conan gray.

however, I have been able to keep some of my memories. through old receipts of ice capps from timmies or the amount of art supplies we managed to buy in one. tickets and scraps of doodles on napkins are also added to this overgrowing collection of memories.

through little presents and tiny messages written throughout our notes, which classmates would find and question our sanity. though hundreds of pictures and short videos of the random times we spend talking about deep meaningful and pretentious-ish, to the hilarious and dramatic slow motion videos we made of our time.

one way that I have been keeping a proper account of whatever we do, is writing every event into a calendar that is within my bullet journal. and along with everyday tasks, I write small notes of important and big events or even the little moments that I wish to keep away for the future.

I have planned that this year, that no matter what, I am going to take all the stuff that I have with me that is recorded of my many memories and start compiling them back into my journals and diaries. along with it, I will start a new journal. one of my memories and thoughts for this coming year.

this is my new goal. to always and I mean everyday, take out sometime for myself to journal about my day and express myself even when nothing comes out. it’s going to take a while to record and put everything into a small book, but this is a goal. and I am going to accomplish this. by the end of the summer, I hope that all my new and old memories are recorded and kept for safe keeping in the drawer under my bed.


inspiration: where I keep my secrets | sosonia’s journal flip through

memories of twenty-seventeen

dear reader,

this past year has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions and memories. i have had many ups and many downs this year. many heartbreaks, many headaches and many memories made through all this. many goals were set. a few broke halfway through due to circumstances and some actually made it through to the other side.

my life in general has been kind of rough this past month due to personal matters that I’ve tried to deal with but gave up half way through. the heartache has been enough to last me a while. my year however, was filled with laughs and cries due to a few chapters in my life ending, and new ones beginning. memories were still made day in and day out. the people by my side have stayed the same, and some faces have reappeared in my life that i am so grateful to have again. i have missed them for many years and i can’t ever begin to explain how much i cherish them being back in my life. one of them would be my best friend, who i haven’t seen in years. along with a cousin who i haven’t seen in more than a decade who decided to surprise us in the middle of day and has come to stay. oh how I’ve missed these moments.

as I’ve said I’ve made many many memories with the people i love throughout this past year with marshmallows toasting upon a fire in the middle of the night, to exploring new places in the big city, to running around an open field with the sunset behind us… as well as a very weird and tall bicycle… I’ve also completed many personal goals. a few i will state include reading more books, watching more shows, spending more time with my family, reuniting with the friends who i have lost in touch with and so much more.

one big goal i started to have early this year, was to do more for this blog. this blog has officially been running for three years now. at the beginning of the year, i had about 50 followers. once i started posting more on this blog, created a twitter account and partaked in actually engaging with other bloggers online, i started to gain a better following and found out how many other amazing people are out there trying to get their voice out. whether it was to encourage others, to speak out on issues that they believed, or wanted to be recognized for all the wonderful work they put into what they love, i honestly couldn’t have done it without all of them. they continue to inspire and make me have the desire to actually put a step forward. this blog has been moving quiet slowly if you would compare it to others who have started blogging this year and already have gained hundreds to thousands of followers. i honestly feel blessed to how my blog has progressed. i have been able to find my style and find the voice, and find what i love to put forward into the world. this year was big for me as i gained so much, and finally reached a goal of surpassing a hundred followers! i’m still in shock that this actually occurred!

this post is dedicated to everyone who has made this year one hell of a ride for me. from my friends to my family, who have helped me through this tough year and who have created all these amazing memories with. from all the bloggers and followers who have helped to encourage me to keep pursuing what i want without knowing. and to everyone who i haven’t met yet. thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful year. i wish you all a time full of happiness, and laughter, and tears and everything that will make you, you!

dear reader, here’s to the new year! ❤