memories in the snow

I am a muslim, as you probably know. I don’t celebrate the holidays that are during this time of year. however, because of school activities and a ton of my close friends being those who celebrate during these holidays, I know a lot about the holidays. specifically the songs and activities that go on. ever since elementary school, we would have these assemblies that would be dedicated to singing the Christmas carols, and we would put on these assemblies that would be dedicated for the holidays. it was a fun time, not gonna lie. apart from what was going on at school, I never really did anything for the holidays, and to be honest I wasn’t even interested.

my family and I have had some cool winter celebrations of our own. we’d have movie nights every other night. we would go to our friends house in the other building in the middle of the night, just for some tea for the adults, and popcorn and monopoly for us kids. we’d have my mom’s amazing hot chocolate, and if we were lucky we would be able to find some halal marshmallows to eat with it. other memories would include the amount of parties and get-togethers we would go to while freezing in our thin but super fancy clothes. a big reason I could never wait for the winter season was for finally being able to get to the library and getting piles and piles of books to read. even now, I will say that I love to just sit cozied up with a blanket, and some tea or hot chocolate with a book to read or a sketchbook in my hand. definitely one way to feel extra cozy when the winter wind is in the air.

our winter’s were not as festive as others, but we have some amazing memories nonetheless. an annual event, I guess, would be that us and some friends would go to this huge hill that we would usually roll down in the summer. but in the winter, we’d go down it on our sled’s and toboggans! the dad’s would come with us too and sometimes the moms! usually we’d all end up in a huge snowball fight covered in snow from head to toe. we’d race to the cars and our mom’s would be waiting with the heater on, and hot chocolate and warm croissants. these have definitely been the best memories of the winter season!



adventuring in denim

adventuring in denim

 adventuring in denim by saamstaa featuring a short sleeve tee

this look is dedicated to the adventures taken in fall. the look is combined of a forest green half-sleeve turtleneck, with wide jeans, and a denim jacket. accessories include, forest green converse, a backpack and a beanie. along with a phone case, and glasses. #fall #autumn #photography #adventure


Short sleeve tee
30 CAD –

Lands End lands end jacket
52 CAD –

STELLA McCARTNEY dark blue jeans
200 CAD –

Ethletic green sneaker
86 CAD –

Fjällräven backpack
90 CAD –

Marc Jacobs tech accessory
73 CAD –

The North Face beanie cap
38 CAD –

ZeroUV oversized clear glasses
17 CAD –


december 2017 – mood board



the month of november was a busy and stressful time. I barely got to talk to friends, and I barely got to hang out with my family. however, we always ended up making time for family movie nights on the weekend. it was a month filled with assignments and tests and exams and very few breaks. i got to spend some time, as in many many hours, working together in libraries and in the student lounge. we worked but also talked. felt weird to be putting myself out there to the people that i just met, and not the ones i have known for years. this was also a really emotional month for me which was different for me. i am an emotional person, but i haven’t been for a long while. i have had my fair share of bad days and sleepless nights. the brain decided to be active again, and my emotions have suddenly shown up after being gone for months. it wasn’t a good time to come back as i was too busy and had to much on my plate, than to be an emotional mess. december will be fun i know. friends and family and snow and just the feeling of happiness and joy all around. i can’t wait to see everyone i love again after so long.

prompt: november was an emotional mess hidden in the far corner of the room, while everyone else stood and stared at on another. i thought, as the host and the most fun of the group, this get together would be amazing. however, the reflection of the year between us all has caused sadness, but also happiness, but also frustration and just pure excitement. so, thanks to january, february, march, and april. june, july, august and september. october, november and finally me, december. thanks for the year filled of ups and downs, and family and friends. thanks for everything you have done.


december 2017 pinterest mood board

life at university

university. nothing poetic about it. its a place and time filled with hardships and struggles and everything in between. i just started and i have many more years to go. it will become a constant roller coaster filled with ice coffee breaks, hours of note taking and sleeping during lectures while i “rest my hand.” so far, i am really happy with what has come out of my first semester being here. i have takin all the classes that i know that i will love no matter what. it was awful picking them because they are not the ones i need for my degree, but sort of extra while i take the pre-requisites that i thought i already had. although i may now be behind for my degree, i am loving my first term and probably my first year. i’ve taken the history of mathematics (that’s what i call it cause the actual name is too long), a class on the history and rights of children, a maths class, and a basic how to uni class (the person telling me my courses gave me this… turns out its actually helpful). the class that i’m enjoying the most is history of mathematics because i get to learn about two things i love, history and math. yes, i know. i’m weird. but these two things are my passion. also, my degree is in math, so if i didn’t like math it would be a big problem.

friends are people who come in go in life, but if you become a friend with me, you are now forever stuck with me. i made some friends thankfully that were made in class and during orientation week, or what we call freshman week. we have become friends that encourage one another to go on and remind them that we are all here for a reason. as well as to encourage either to not face plant on our notes while in the middle of a lecture. although we haven’t become to close, i am kind of glad. i became so close with my friends in high school that i don’t want to replace them. nobody can ever replace them no matter what. the secrets we shared, the moments we had, the tears we hid from others. nothing can replace those memories or the people. they all are too special for me to let go. that’s why texting, calling each other, and meeting up are mandatory. although its been hard, i have managed to stay close with them through all these until now. i regularly talk to them all as much as i can. we all have different schedules and it can be really hard, but we make it work, and it makes me so happy we do. if i can continue having conversations with one of my best friends who has now lived overseas for the past two years, i can definitely keep a good relation with those who are still around me. well, now i’m crying. (i’m writing this on my way back from uni… this is not good!) thanks friends!

anyways, i just came here to say, that university is hard. it has its ebbs and flows. but the people you surround yourself with and the courses you take will help you get through. if you’re having a hard time, talk to your professor or even to the therapist across your campus. however, the best therapists in your life are probably your friends. they already know what you’ve been through and they are probably going through the same thing. apart from that, i just want you all to know, that so far this new life i have come to live in, is very stressful and has many twists and turns coming up, but i have had a good few months here so far. onward to the next few years of my new life! good luck to you too!


back in high school

i went back to my highschool the other day with my friend. i hadn’t gone back for about four to five months. it’s been the time since i graduated until now. the experience going back was normal i guess. it felt like we were back in highschool just hanging with our friends and walking around the school. we went during the lunch break and met a bunch of our friends that were younger than us and are still going through the day to day high school life. i didn’t tell one of my close friends because i wanted to surprise her, and it was a success! we didn’t stay to long with one another, as we wanted to go see our old teachers and she needed to finish an assighnment. she later texted me to say to meet up soon. we also met a few of our old classmates that happened to also be visitng. meeting up with some of the teachers were nice, an awkward handshake and few conversations took place. a few of the teachers i really wanted to see weren’t there which was really dissapointing. i’ll probably have to go back just to see them again.

going back was interesting i guess. it honestly felt like i never left (the most cliche way to say it). i felt that i was still there while walking around with my friend during lunch, having random conversations with my teachers, and annoying my sister. it didn’t feel any different. it felt the exact same. i honestly felt like i was still a high school student and not a first year university student. it dosen’t feel real to be honest. going to university feels like a dream in a sense that i don’t feel it’s real. i really wish that i could stay in highschool just because all my friends would have been with me, and to re-live some of my favourite memories with them. the whole day was bizzare to be honest, and like i said it hasn’t settled in my head that i’m in university already. it was however nice to see everyone again, and catch up with the people that i haven’t seen in ages.


floral army green

floral army green
this look consists of an army green high neck and bell sleeved sweatshirt, with flared jeans. accessories include an army green satchel, black phone case, black watch, and glasses. the main piece that inspired me for this look is the army green floral heeled boots. they are absolutely gorgeous, and I kinda want them now. #autumn #autumn2017

Mother of Pearl flared sleeve top
630 CAD –

M.i.h Jeans blue denim jeans
170 CAD –

Sole Society embroidered ankle boots
155 CAD –

Chloé crossbody shoulder bag
1,770 CAD –

Casetify slim iphone case
38 CAD –

ZeroUV clear hipster glasses
16 CAD –

Umbra typography wall art
42 CAD –

november 2017 – mood board



october was a month filled with new experiences and memories made with new friends. it was a time filled with many assignments, tests and a big to-do list. while this was all happening, I stayed in touch with all my high school friends, planning and texting when we would next meet. of course I miss them all terribly, but when starting a new adventure at a new place, I have to remember to meet other people, and I am proud to say I have. I know I will never have the same relationship that I had with them ever again, but its worth it to make some new friends along the way. so far I have made a few friends from my classes, and although we haven’t hung out much other than in class, we have gotten close. we help each other, we try to keep each other awake when the professors voice  is drowning us in sleep, and we have timmies together. october was a good and busy month. i hope november will treat me the same.

prompt: october passed by november in a blink of an eye, leaving papers, pencils, sketches, and hurried texts behind. november continued walking with a hot chocolate in one hand and a journal filed with everything he needed to do. he left october in the mess that was now behind him. he didn’t care anymore for he needed to move on and focus on what was important.


november 2017 pinterest mood board

the heart sings with joy

the past few weeks have been the same day in and day out. lectures to go to. problems to solve. pages and pages of notes to revise and rewrite. in and out of university, constantly doing something productive. whether it may be homework, notes, readings, writing, inktober and so on. i haven’t been able to do something for myself with someone else in a while. this weekend has been filled with catching up with all my friends who have now been spread out. through text and video chat and even meeting with a good friend. video chatting for an hour in the middle of the night catching up and talking about anything and everything. texting my friends from forever ago and catching up on what has been going on in their life. meeting up with my friend for those five hours while catching up and talking about clothes and everything that was going on. sometimes my heart sings with joy for these precious moments that last a few hours. i haven’t felt this way in so long and this is the feeling i wish to feel every day no matter who i see and what i have been doing. so thank you to all those people who helped my heart sing with joy. thank you for everything then and now. you are the best.


Autumn 2017

Dear Reader,
This past week, I have posted outfits for the Autumn 2017 Collection which consists of some of the trends seen this past year and season which I love. Not only that, but these are some main styles that I have been loving for a while now. As you can see, this collection has a very specific theme surrounding the main colours of Autumn. I am absolutely in love with all these looks. I enjoyed creating these sets, and I hope you all enjoy looking through them. 🙂

Dear Reader, enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy what the season brings.