june 2017 mood board



once again, a busy month has passed. a month filled with homework, assignments, quizzes and tests and the preparation of four exams. just around the corner, they are starting to peak out creeping into my thoughts. calm. that’s what I have to be. but also focused and studying hard. these are my last few exams of this school. I should be able to pass these courses with flying colours. one in art. the other in psychology. and the other two in business and economics. the latter is the dreaded one. time to start working. apart from the school aspect, the life side has also been filled. from crazy mall adventures with friends, to late movie nights filled with board games and popcorn and dad fallen asleep on the couch. these memories are the ones i’ll keep in the tiny box above my bed, and written in the journals lined against the walls near my bed. the month to come is both an ending and a beginning. it’s scary … and not at all exciting. i’m turning an age where responsibilities become a thing. a new adventure is about to begin and I hope these people and memories in my life will not fade away.

prompt: and here she stands. watching from afar who she once was and the memories that have passed. the memories that were always held dear in her heart. but now, far away she stands clutching the remains of what once was. a thick bulging and teared memory book filled till the end with messages and pictures of all her best friends and best moments are what remains in her left hand. she turns to the right and there lies a new clean and black book. not only that, but a clear sight into nothingness unlike to her left where its filled with people and memories both good and bad. it’s time to decide. should she step left? or right? or walk down straight the middle remembering both and living both to the best of her abilities?


june 2017 pintrest mood board


the feeling of inspiration comes through different bursts of light that comes every so often to me. these days the only inspiration i am getting is for projects that i am able to only do in the coming future. this moment, right now, at two am, i am uninspired to do anything. anything at all. no homework. no work. no art. no writing. no editing. no nothing. all i feel like doing and wanting to do is lay beneath the stars either quietly by myself, or with a friend who can assist me by letting me rest my thoughts and my head and my heart on to them without being judged. i fear that the reason of my lack of inspiration is due to the fear of judgement of others, as well as the lack of time i have to complete anything. the fear of being judged is something i have always struggled with, that is the reason for not many of my friends or family members knowing about this blog. i am paranoid that if they found this out, they may decode some of thoughts and feelings that i wish only few to know or none at all. yet, here i am expressing my fear of being uninspired and being judged by others. it has been a few months since this has started to occur. i hope the inspiration and motivation comes back sometime soon. the next few weeks are going to be the most stressful but i have to get through them somehow.


may 2017 mood board



a busy month has passed by in a blur. filled with procrastinated reports and culminating’s that did not want to be completed. books that were going to be read but ended up under a pile of textbooks instead. acceptances and rejections came through. it’s okay. you’ll make it through. they had hope for me, and I had too much hope for myself. the rejection let myself go down for a night filled with tears and therapeutic art. that night is over and left behind. time to try again and move on forward. i’ll continue what i’m doing none the less, but I still won’t be over that hope that I had. one day soon, it may come. right now just focus on the present and now. don’t let the memories fade and make the most of the time left in this chapter of your life. soak up everything around you and record and keep these until the day you get old.

prompt: she gets up with a sign of relief. cups littered around with dried up tea leaves and tea stains dripping down the sides. books, littered papers, and sticky notes are thrown carelessly around the room. a fine layer of dust has collected on the book shelf filled with books and vintage accessories. the remains of april have been left behind. a whirlwind  of emotions and knowledge all somewhat left behind. she opens the curtains to see a bright sky with a slight breeze. raindrops covering every inch, to make sure she never forgets.


may 2017 pintrest mood board

april showers

april showers

april showers by saamstaa featuring leather band watches

Although the yellow coat is woollen, it reminds me of a rain coat someone may wear in the rain. So, pretend its a rain coat. Anyways, this look consists of the yellow coat, with light coloured jeans, and a pair of light brown oxford shoes. A matching yellow phone case and watch are added to the look. Thin rimmed glasses are added making the outfit look complete. #april #spring

Wool coat
32 CAD – pinkqueen.com

Helmut Lang boyfriend jeans
200 CAD – theoutnet.com

Gap flat shoes
55 CAD – gapfactory.com

Olivia Pratt leather band watch
34 CAD – bluefly.com

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
240 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Kate Spade tech accessory
32 CAD – lordandtaylor.com

Spring 2017

Dear Reader,
This past week, I have posted outfits for the Spring 2017 Collection which consists of some trends this year and season which I love. Not only that, but these are some main styles that I have been loving. As you can see, this collection has more dresses and skirts as the weather has gotten so much nicer this past month. I  was inspired by my April 2017 Mood Board for the colour palette, as well as with some styles for the look. I enjoyed creating these sets, and I hope you all enjoy looking through them. 🙂

Dear Reader, enjoy this beautiful spring season.


daisy yellow

daisy yellow

daisy yellow by saamstaa featuring tattoo jewelry

This look consists of one main piece of a yellow high low swing dress, which I am absolutely in love with, and can say that I have. (Though I made mine myself.) Accessories include black converse wedges, a chocker and glasses, along with a yellow daisy phone case. The whole look is very spring and summer like which I absolutely love. #spring #spring2017

Plus size yellow dress
28 CAD – newchic.com

River Island white ruffle socks
6.67 CAD – riverisland.com

Converse wedge heel sneaker
87 CAD – shopakira.com

Wet Seal tattoo jewelry
5.20 CAD – wetseal.com

Kate Spade tech accessory
31 CAD – lordandtaylor.com

ZeroUV clear wayfarer glasses
17 CAD – popmap.com

Wind Caressed from Penny Black – buy online
14 CAD – theglitterpot.co.uk

bumble bee embroidery

bumble bee embriodery

bumble bee embriodery by saamstaa featuring bootie boots

This look is one of my favourites, because of the amount of yellow there is and that their is an embroidery piece. It consists of a black turtleneck jumper, dark coloured jeans, and a yellow embroidered jacket that had bumble bees on it. Accessories include, a black hat, glasses, phone case, a watch, a chocker and boots. The main yellow accessory includes a journal. #spring #spring2017

Acne Studios long sleeve shirt
605 CAD – farfetch.com

Wool jacket
73 CAD – blackfive.com

190 CAD – net-a-porter.com

H&M bootie boots
50 CAD – hm.com

Larsson Jennings dress watch
360 CAD – larssonandjennings.com

Wet Seal choker necklace
5.20 CAD – wetseal.com

Mini Cream embroidered hat
64 CAD – selfridges.com

Casetify apple iphone case
53 CAD – casetify.com

ZeroUV retro glasses
17 CAD – popmap.com

TOPSHOP Great Ideas Notebook
21 CAD – topshop.com

artist in mustard

artist in mustard

artist in mustard by saamstaa featuring a jean jacket

This look consists of a mustard yellow skirt, with a black top tucked in, and a large oversized denim opened top. Accessories include a pair of boots that are denim and have gold or yellow stars, rings, a chocker and glasses. The whole look has an artist feel to it, and reminds me a lot of Van Gogh’s painting palettes. #spring #spring2017

True Religion v neck t shirt
69 CAD – jades24.com

Circle skirt
19 CAD – chicnova.com

Eddie Borgo stackable ring

Wet Seal necklace
5.20 CAD – wetseal.com

ZeroUV clear glasses
17 CAD – popmap.com

Stamp Camp Big Stamps Page 21
17 CAD – stampcamp.com

denim and stripes

denim and stripes

denim and stripes by saamstaa featuring an iphone cover case

This look consists of a black and white full sleeve striped top, with a denim low v-neck dress. It has been accessorised with black converse, a phone case and glasses. The look is perfect for a cozy day in. #spring #spring2017

Blue dress
40 CAD – lucluc.com

Jacquemus striped t shirt
200 CAD – thewebster.us

Converse black wedge shoes
87 CAD – shopakira.com

Iphone cover case
25 CAD – horizonsupply.co

ZeroUV oversized glasses
17 CAD – popmap.com