Wattpad: Muslim Stories

Dear Reader,

So, I didn’t really know what to talk about today, so I decided to shorten down my list of favorite books, to favorite books on Wattpad to favorite books on Wattpad of Muslim stories. I actually have a ton, but these are my most favorite stories. I will also put the link with the stories as well. By the way, I actually have no specific order for them.

Confessions of A Muslim Girl (@LoveUnconditionally) 

This book was actually one of the first Muslim book that I read on Wattpad. It is an amazing story about 2 high school girls named Noha and Maysa. We get to look in their lives through the difficulties of being a person and Muslim in the circumstances they are put in which was not suspected at all. Although not completed yet, this book is a great read for anyone as it shows other that Muslim are not always the type of people that you think they may be.

Diamonds and Pearls (@PurityInMyHeart)

This book was the second one I read and is absolutely awesome. The main protagonist in this book is Daleela who is your average 15 year old Muslim girl who is trying to be the best of the best Muslim girls out there. When she has to move to a totally different state in America, she has to go through many struggles and adventures along the way. Make sure to read this book, it is absolutely thrilling and heart-pounding just waiting to find out what happens next.

The Muslim Cinderella? (@miss_book_obessed)

OMG! This book is just… wow. I love this book so much. Words can’t even explain. You know that feeling you get like your heart is light and you head is light and you feel like your floating on magical clouds that are pink and purple and yellow and Pegasus are flying around you? I felt that way through the entire book. It’s not complete yet, but I have fell in deep love with it.

Yah….. so anyways, this books is following Tasneem who is 17 and is considered to be a good Muslim. Just one harmful act that has taken her good girl away for just a while, has basically just turned her world upside down. That’s all I’m saying. Now go read it!!!

Waves (@miss_book_obessed)

This book is just beautiful as well. Honestly, I would defiantly buy the books of @miss_book_obessed any day. She is an amazing writer and this book shows the reason why. In this book the main character is basically Mariam. She has two guys loving her and wanting to marry her. She has a big decision to make, but she also has other stuff to take care of as well, which includes graduating from high school. This is an amazing book. Go read it!

BM3 – A Muslim Love Story (@HopesPrayersNSmiles)

This book is beautiful and defiantly shows the hardships here and there Muslims have. Especially when it comes to marrying someone. In this book Asmarra is the main character. She is a good Muslim, practising and being the person who she is. At a wedding she unconsciously bumps into someone, and they spill their coke on her scarf. This may seem ridiculous that I am mentioning this, but this is what literally starts everything. Enjoy reading it.


BTW: I just uploaded Chapter 3 for Dreams of a Muslim Girl, so please check it out. Just saying it’s a filler chapter.


Dear Reader, I hope you guys enjoy reading these books. They are absolutely amazing, so go read a book!



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