Sajmra Review

Dear Reader,

Now you all know about my slight… okay, my very bad addiction to Wattpad and especially Muslim books on it. Well, a while ago, I found this amazing author with the name Sajmra. Like, honestly, she is an amazing writer and a person with amazing ideas! I L<3VE HER!

Anyways, she has already written like 2 full books with like more than 50 chapters each, and 2 books in the process or writing, and all of them are pretty darn amazin, if I do say so myself! And let me tell you she only joined about like a year ago, and like shemurr! Ho does she write so much so quick and awesomely!!! MA MIND IS BLOWN!

Once Upon Qadr – A Modern Muslim Fairy Tale (By Sajmra)

The two main characters in this book are Yusra Shaykh and Amir Malik. Yusra has MS and has been through  lot throughout her life. Now, her best friend and people around her are getting married and telling her that she will be next. Amir has known Yusra for a while now as they have been working together and has slowly fall in for as she brought him back to Islam after a point in his life where he started being around people who affected him for the worst. Read to find out what happens between the two of them. This is already completed.

Twice Upon Qadr – A Shot At Love (By Sajmra)

The two main characters in this book is Yusra Shaykh’s younger brother Houssam Shaykh and Hana Ismail. Houssam is now playing basketball professionally but is feeling lonely even on the court meaning he wants someone in his life. Hana is younger than Houssam and is Amir’s best friend’s younger sister, and has had feelings for him since he was in high school. Read to see the story of what happens to them. This is already completed.

Chasing Qadr – A Prequel (By Sajmra)

Before both Yusra and Amir’s story and Houssam and Hana’s story, there was Amir’s brother, Mustafa Malik. In the last year of high school, he used to work in a small coffee shop. He wasn’t planning on his married life anytime soon, until someone entered his coffee shop one day. He fell in love and that’s all he thought about for days. Read to find out all the struggle he had to go through to be with the love of his life. This book is in the process of being completed.

Captured Hearts (By Sajmra)

Honesty, this is an amazing book. So the two main characters are Jenna Yousuf and Hudayfah Sulayman. These two basically got married because Jenna’s brother got himself into trouble with someone who he now owes a lot too. They now have to keep Jenna safe therefore, Hudayfah married her to keep her protected. Yah. I don’t really know what else to say, except that this book is too awesome for me, and I will never be able to write this well. Oh, also this book is in the process of being completed.

Honestly though this writer is amazing and you guys should seriously check her out. And just a suggestion but you should read the books in order how I put them, but you can rad the last two at the same time as they are in a different series or have a different plot.


Dear Reader, have fun reading!



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