Ramadan Reminders

Dear Reader,

So, like Ramadan is in like a few days and I am like freaking out!!! I know I probably should not, but c’mon I am so excited yet slightly scared. Like what if I end up fainting at school or I by mistakenly eat something while I’m fasting! Like, WHAT IF?!!?!? Ok. Now, I am over exaggerating!

Anyways, though I just thought I should make a list of reminders of what we should and should not do in Ramadan. It’s not only for you guys but also for me. I have to seriously remember some of these things!

1. Prayers + Taraweeh

Remember to pray on time and don’t delay the prayers. Although this should also be done on a daily basis, just a reminder especially for Ramadan. For Taraweeh (did I spell it right?) you don’t have to pray all 20, it is not a fard on anyone to pray all 20 every single time.

2. Reading Qur’an

Remember to read Qur’an everyday even a little. I try my hardest to read Qur’an everyday anyways, but in Ramadan I set a goal for myself to finish the Qur’an at least one round. This time as I am not doing summer school, I am aiming for two rounds Inshallah!

3. Be kind to your neighbors

Remember to be kind to your neighbors, whether they are Muslim or not, cause that is what civilized human beings do! Also, because you get rewards for doing that! So, some ideas that I have that my family usually does, is giving them iftari (my spelling is terrible!!) and maybe like a Ramadan or Eid Mubarak card.

best allah

Dear Reader, with the days coming to Ramadan I will post a few new reminders every day! Just saying these reminders are also for me!



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