Ramadan Reminders #2

Dear Reader,

How are you doing today?! Alhamdulillah I hope! So, yesterday’s post I was really happy about and decided to do another one. The first 3 reminders were some of the main three that you should especially keep in mind and super important when coming to get rewards. Now, lets get on with a few more, shall we?!

1. Make goals for Ramadan

Make your goals for Ramadan when fasting, reading, helping others. And basically everything you do during this month that will help you gain deeds. I will be doing  this as well, and like I said yesterday I will be doing this for reading Qur’an, and defiantly helping my neighbors.

2. Make lots of Dua’s for Everyone

One thing that everyone should be doing in Ramadan, is making tons and tons of dua for people all around them. Family members, friends and others in general who need the help of Allah. Make sure to especially make dua for others who are not capable to have the amount of stuff you have (Alhamdulillah) in your life. Don’t forget to make dua for yourself as well to Allah to take away any sins that you had committed during this time.

3. Remember to make up missed days

Sometimes, you are not able to do a fast because of certain health issues, your too young or so on. After you have reached the age of puberty, then it is fard on you to fast. If you are not capable to fasting, then please remember to make up your fast later on. It is a sunnah to complete them before the next Ramadan.

allah forgive sins

Dear Reader, I hope you guys are enjoying these little reminders, just remember that Ramadan is coming really soon, so I hope you all the best. 🙂



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