Healthy Tips for Ramadan

Dear Reader,

So, Ramadan is either gonna be on the 18th or 19th of June. In my area it is not clear yet, but I shall now in a few hours. I do know though, that Saudia Arabia is starting the month on June 18 and Pakistan is starting on June 19. I was really hoping for a day where everyone’s Eid is going to be the same day, but at least we get to have the opportunity to fast and earn deeds this month! 🙂

Let me just tell you that I sorta ran out of reminders for Ramadan…. yup. So, I know that at random times they will come to my head but I shall tell you all right now, that next year I will be posting more Ramadan related posts on here. So no fear this Ramadan series shall come back, Inshallah! Basically these are just some healthy tips to help your diet and your body in Ramadan cause your schedule will defiantly get messed up with the amount you eat, when you eat and etc. Let’s get on with it! 🙂

1. Drink lots of fluids in Sahoor.

Remember to drink lots of fluids especially as it will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Don’t drink as much juice as it has many sugars, which may not be good for you. Instead drink water or milk. No CAFFEINE!

2. Continue Exercising

In Ramadan, just because you are fasting doesn’t mean you should completely stop exercising. Of course you shouldn’t put yourself all out, instead just do a maximum of 30 minutes at a time and don’t do a full workout. It should be a light one, as you will not be eating or drinking the entire day.

3. Eat a Light Iftar

After a full day of fasting you should not start by stuffing your face with food. Instead just start with a glass of water and a date to open your fast. After praying Magrib, then eat a light sort of meal. Usually what we eat during this time would include some of the meals of: fruit salad (fruit chat), chickpeas salad (chana chat), spring rolls, samosa, and a few other snacks. This can also just incorporate as your dinner.

So, here are just a few tips for Ramadan that you can use to survive through it. Anyways, I just wanted to post a note that I may or may not be posting in Ramadan. I am not to sure yet as I want to focus on reading Qur’an and praying, but I may post something from time to time. So, basically this may be my last post in a while. So, I would like to wish all of you an amazing Ramadan ahead of you and be sure to pray and gain deeds and erase any sins.

weight sins

Dear Reader, Inshallah this Ramadan will be a great one. 🙂

samsta ❤


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