Floral Satin in Gold

Floral Satin in Gold

Floral Satin in Gold by saamstaa featuring gold jewellery

A semi-formal look perfect for a day out with family and friends. A beige and maroon floral satin crop top with a maroon skater skirt look nice together complimenting the formal look of the top and non-formal skirt creating a perfect semi-formal look. The accessories of the maroon fedora and heeled boots, along with the gold bracelets and rings give a slight bohemian style with the look also creating a less formal look. This set looks amazing to me with the beige, gold and maroon colours all coming together in this semi-formal outfit.

Vilshenko floral print top
200 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Mini skater skirt
9.98 CAD – amazon.com

High heel booties
44 CAD – jcpenney.com

Zoë Chicco gold jewellery
320 CAD – jrdunn.com

Gold jewellery
330 CAD – harveynichols.com

Zoë Chicco sports jewelry
205 CAD – jrdunn.com

Accessorize infinity friendship bracelet
14 CAD – accessorize.com

Rag bone wool floppy hat
220 CAD – nordstrom.com

Seasonal Floral Floral
9.40 CAD – joann.com


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