Happy Birthday @danisnotonfire

Happy Birthday @danisnotonfire

Happy Birthday @danisnotonfire by saamstaa featuring a slouch hat

This is the ultimate squishy meme-like Dan outfit that I could think of.
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Seriously thought, I discovered him in 2013 but started watching him more in 2014 and since I am obsessed with this meme ❤
so happy 25th birthday to danisnotonfire!

Valentino sweater
1,895 CAD – harveynichols.com

New Look button-fly jeans
24 CAD – newlook.com

Converse black shoes
83 CAD – shopakira.com

Wet Seal tattoo choker
4.98 CAD – wetseal.com

Iphone cover case
27 CAD – horizonsupply.co

Slouch hat
18 CAD – luxurydivas.com

Dan Howell Aesthetic


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