Denim Patchwork

Denim Pathwork

Denim Pathwork by saamstaa featuring a sleeveless sweatshirt

Denim and Patchwork have been two huge trends this summer. In this set, both are combined to create an amazing denim jacket. It’s paired with a black crop top with it’s sleeves rolled, a skate skirt, and wedged converse. A snapback, large framed glasses, a chocker and several rings are added as accessories to the look. This look is perfect for just a casual day out. #summer2016

Chicnova Fashion distressed jacket
31 CAD –

Flared skirt
21 CAD –

Converse black wedge sneaker
84 CAD –

Wet Seal bohemian ring
12 CAD –

Wet Seal tattoo necklace
5.05 CAD –

Puma sport hat
31 CAD –

ZeroUV retro eyeglass
17 CAD –


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