Velvet Skirt and Sweater

Velvet Skirt and Sweater

Velvet Skirt and Sweater by saamstaa featuring a grey fedora

This look is composed of two main pieces. A velvet khaki skirt (which looks like a suede skirt) and a black oversized long sleeved turtleneck sweater. I am in love with the sweater! It is everything I need! This look is paired with some black leggings to keep one warm in this cold weather. Heeled boots, a fedora, glasses and a wrist watch are added suiting the look perfectly. This look could also be accessorised with a gold necklace. #autumn2016 #Winter2016

IO Ivana Omazić crop top
360 CAD –

Oasis denim legging
50 CAD –

Khaki skirt
22 CAD –

H&M black heeled boots
54 CAD –

JFR cat jewelry
34 CAD –

Rag bone grey fedora
185 CAD –

ZeroUV clear lens glasses
13 CAD –


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