Collared Leather Coat

Collared Leather Coat

Collared Leather Coat by saamstaa featuring short black boots

The sixth look of the Winter 2016 Polyvore collection has the main centre piece of a maroon collared coloured coat. This coat is gorgeous and something I haven’t seen with the collared and buttons all to the top, the short flared look it brings, and the sleeves with a tight end to it. It gives off such a beautiful elegant look to the outfit. The coat is paired with flared jeans, a maroon beanie, small booties, a satchel and a phone case. The whole look is perfect when going out and especially when ice skating as it will show off the flare the coat may bring when speeding across the ice. #Winter2016

Glamorous shirt top
15 CAD –

Yves Saint Laurent real leather jacket
1,750 CAD –

STELLA McCARTNEY button-fly jeans
380 CAD –

Bamboo short black boots
46 CAD –

Tartan bag
30 CAD –

Keds beanie cap
15 CAD –

Tech accessory
13 CAD –

Fingerless glove
7.30 CAD –


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