february 2017 mood board

february (n.)


a new month has begun. the first went by fast. a blur of events all meshing into an incoherent mess of our lives. one we hoped we wouldn’t have to face during the start of a month and the year of which we thought would be a good one. although it feels like a tuesday, a day that means nothing and one wishes it was over, its a new day. a new day, a new time to start again. focus on today, let yesterday go. remember what happened and remember the effects, but don’t dwell on it for a moment to believe that you would have done it over or how it may have happened if you could just change that one thing. it happened, and this is how life is. no turning back now. just go and do what you have to do. good luck.

prompt: february hangs up the phone and lets out a breath. january lingers in the air all around her like he was just there. her brother. her twin. now on the other side of the world. maybe this is how forgiveness starts: a small tug of wanting to pull them just a little bit closer. (found here)


february 2017 pintrest mood board


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