march 2017 mood board

march (n.)


a new month has begun. a fresh start from that long tuesday. i thought it would be a time of regret and worry, yet so much happened that i am proud of. i began a new life with new stuff to learn and new adventures that were created. from the happiness of spending time with friends and the spontaneous adventures that occured everday. apart from all the happiness, there was also a sense of lonliness that caught up even when i was surrounded by the people i love. lonley for one that i may never see again. lonley and sad for the adventures that may never occur. that hazy feeling has once again begun. every day and every moment seem to be forgotten in the fog that has yet to be lifted. here’s to a new month where hopefully i will be able to live in the moment and find myself through all the fog.

prompt: march wakes up suddenly in a cold sweat. runs a hand through his hair and catches his breath. a nightmare. he hasn’t had one in years. he sighs and scans the room looking for the last traces of february. an empty tea mug, a towel and something much deeper: a feeling that something has changed in him forever. (found here)


march 2017 pintrest mood board


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