april 2017 mood board



a new month. a new season. a new beginning. the beginning of spring always gets me. though all the pollen of new emerging flowers gets my allergies running, its a beautiful time to spend in the park. the smell of fresh grass and a sight for sore eyes after a long dull winter. the signs of life are coming back. the sign of my life and my existence is coming back. it’s been a busy few weeks. this month no less will be tiring all the same. just imagine, after all that’s been going on is over, you will have a month of relaxation and spending time with yourself. a time that you can stop ignoring yourself and the priorities you have for yourself. it’s going to be alright. just remember that through this busy time of your life, spend time with family and friends as well. there’s going to be a time where it will just get harder to spend time with them.

prompt: april wakes up to the sound of a plane overhead. groans and shoves the blankets aside. runs her fingers through the knots in her hair and gives up. walks down a dim hallway to the kitchen and turns on the coffee maker. on the table she finds a gift and a note: hey, you survived 24 years on this planet. i’m proud of you. only march would know exactly how to say happy birthday without saying it. only march would know exactly how she felt without her saying a word. (found here)


april 2017 pintrest mood board


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