june 2017 mood board



once again, a busy month has passed. a month filled with homework, assignments, quizzes and tests and the preparation of four exams. just around the corner, they are starting to peak out creeping into my thoughts. calm. that’s what I have to be. but also focused and studying hard. these are my last few exams of this school. I should be able to pass these courses with flying colours. one in art. the other in psychology. and the other two in business and economics. the latter is the dreaded one. time to start working. apart from the school aspect, the life side has also been filled. from crazy mall adventures with friends, to late movie nights filled with board games and popcorn and dad fallen asleep on the couch. these memories are the ones i’ll keep in the tiny box above my bed, and written in the journals lined against the walls near my bed. the month to come is both an ending and a beginning. it’s scary … and not at all exciting. i’m turning an age where responsibilities become a thing. a new adventure is about to begin and I hope these people and memories in my life will not fade away.

prompt: and here she stands. watching from afar who she once was and the memories that have passed. the memories that were always held dear in her heart. but now, far away she stands clutching the remains of what once was. a thick bulging and teared memory book filled till the end with messages and pictures of all her best friends and best moments are what remains in her left hand. she turns to the right and there lies a new clean and black book. not only that, but a clear sight into nothingness unlike to her left where its filled with people and memories both good and bad. it’s time to decide. should she step left? or right? or walk down straight the middle remembering both and living both to the best of her abilities?


june 2017 pintrest mood board

4 thoughts on “june 2017 mood board

  1. Misabella says:

    I love your June mood board!!! I have always wanted to write one and I think this post was the inspiration for me to try it! BTW I love that pastel pink colour 🙂

    This is my blog:


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