july 2017 mood board



here we are. finally. a time to relax and reflect on the past year of my final year at the school that helped me but also burdened me with dreaded assignments and exams. the place where lasting friendships were made through my classmates and mentors. the place where memories of all of us are kept within the faded walls. memories of laughter and tears. the ones where we sat discussing our future, past and present. where we poured our heart out to others in hopes that they felt the same and we were not alone. it’s the place where in the future we will come back and say its one of our many homes. a comfortable, pleasant and loving home.

prompt: the sun is out. children are laughing. the clouds move swiftly above. july lays on the soft grass looking up at the passing clouds with tears welling up in her eyes. longing for june to come back with her memories still attached. yet here she must stay looking ahead and preparing for what is yet to come. don’t think about the past and stay in the present. there is so much to see and do now that everyone is free. from picnics to shopping, and reading to sketching. where to start and who to see. just keep going. don’t look back just yet.


july 2017 pinterest mood board


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