Dear Reader,

Here are some outfit ideas that I had in mind that I put together with different articles of clothing. These to me are pretty cool and awesome, and I would totally love to have it as an outfit. The Polyvore account is saamstaa where all sets are posted, so you can easily see it there or to look at it on here under the category, fashion sets.

Fall 2015 Collection Post – Fall 2015 Collection (Polyvore)

Winter 2015 Collection PostWinter 2015 Collection (Polyvore)

Spring 2016 Collection PostSpring 2016 Collection (Polyvore)

Boho Style 2016 Collection Post Boho Style 2016 Collection (Polyvore)

Summer 2016 Collection Post Summer 2016 Collection (Polyvore)

Autumn 2016 Collection PostAutumn 2016 Collection (Polyvore)

Winter 2016 Collection PostWinter 2016 Collection (Polyvore)

Spring 2017 Collection PostSpring 2017 Collection (Polyvore)

Summer 2017 Collection PostSummer 2017 Collection (Polyvore)

Pastel Paradise Collection PostPastel Paradise Collection (Polyvore)

Autumn 2017 Collection Post – Autumn 2017 Collection (Polyvore)

Winter 2017 Collection PostWinter 2017 Collection (Polyvore)

Dear Reader, have fun looking through and finding the perfect outfit for yourself!

samsta ❤


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