compfy in corduroy

compfy in corduroy
this look reminds me of someone (me) who would sit in a coffee shop writing a book or sketching beautiful little doodles on a napkin. this look consists of a dull red corduroy with a full sleeve black turtle neck sweater loosely tucked in. the look is accessorized with black block heeled boots, a dull red satchel, a watch, phone case and thin rimmed glasses. #autumn #autumn2017

Acne Studios wool sweater
570 CAD –

Alice Ritter red skirt
335 CAD –

H&M black lace up boots
50 CAD –

Loeffler Randall red purse

Ray Ban ray ban eyeglass
215 CAD –

Casetify apple iphone case
50 CAD –

Moe s iron wall art
215 CAD –


maroon cape and fedora

maroon cape and fedora
this look brings back fedora’s for the fall. I absolutely love any type of hats, and I think that fedoras are the ones that are perfect for the fall. this look consists of a simple pair of a high neck black sweater with black flared jeans, along with a large maroon cape, heeled boots and a fedora. accessories consist of a satchel, phone case, watch and glasses, for all the fall readings one has to do in uni. #autumn #autumn2017

Valentino turtleneck crop top
980 CAD –

Chicnova Fashion cape coat
20 CAD –

Rag & bone high-rise flare jeans
245 CAD –

Dorothy Perkins block heel booties
82 CAD –

Loeffler Randall red leather purse
215 CAD –

Kate spade watch

Rag bone wool fedora hat
220 CAD –

Kate Spade tech accessory
105 CAD –

ZeroUV clear wayfarer glasses
16 CAD –

fall printed dress

fall printed dress
this look is perfect for the fall. it’s a perfect transition from summer to fall with a beautiful printed dress and jeans. it is accessorized with converse, glasses, a satchel, phone case and a beautiful red-ish watch. #autumn #autumn2017

Valentino knee length cocktail dress
2,915 CAD –

STELLA McCARTNEY high-rise flared jeans
190 CAD –

Converse black laced shoes
81 CAD –

Marc Jacobs leather crossbody handbag
390 CAD –

Abbott Lyon handcrafted jewelry
175 CAD –

Casetify iphone case
50 CAD –

ZeroUV oversized wayfarer
16 CAD –

lace-up dress

lace-up dress
this look is more of a transition look between my past few looks to my next look. it consists mostly everything in black, from the lace-up off the shoulder dress with the heeled boots, and accessorized with a watch and plenty of rings. a maroon satchel is added for colour.

River Island dress
25 CAD –

H M lace up bootie
50 CAD –

Chloé leather tote
1,895 CAD –


Wet Seal boho jewelry
11 CAD –

Mini bowl

black lace grunge

insert happiness here
this look consists of a sleeveless black dress on top of a full sleeve lace top, with black heeled boots. it is accessorized with a black satchel and black chocker. this whole look is inspired mostly by the grunge aesthetic. #grunge

Emporio Armani flare dress
540 CAD –

Calvin Klein long sleeve crop top
690 CAD –

H&M black high heel boots
50 CAD –

Marc Jacobs leather hand bag
395 CAD –

Flower necklace
10.00 CAD –

tea pink and black

tea pink and black
this look consists of a tea pink full sleeved and high neck sweater with a black pinafore dress. it is accessorizes with a pair of black converse, and black phone case, and pink satchel, watch, and rings.

Valentino long sleeve crop top
1,120 CAD –

76 CAD –

Converse sneaker
82 CAD –

Mossimo pink purse
28 CAD –

Shaun Leane flower ring
1,325 CAD –

STONE rose gold jewelry
920 CAD –

Band ring
140 CAD –

Nine West watch
46 CAD –

Tech accessory
15 CAD –

october 2017 – mood board



september has finally finished. already many occurrences of awkwardness, hunched shoulders and tears, have arisen. yet I still have managed to become a leader for a group of people. why? i still don’t know. i stood in front of the class shivering in fear with my body turned inwards, and a stuttered introduction. this month has been filled of many new people and new experiences. i have gotten lost plenty of times. i have had to introduce myself to many new people. i have inhaled one to many ice capps. i have listened to multiple podcasts while commuting to keep myself from falling asleep. i have broken down a few times due to the lack of fear and missing my friends. i have not slept quite late writing notes and doing readings. i have done a lot that i thought i wouldn’t do, and a lot that came with the expense of going to university. it’s a stepping stone that i am willing to take, but even then i doubt it will be better then my experience at high school with the best of my friends around me.

prompt: october closes the book. finally another reading done for the day. stressed already under september’s procrastination. writing. reading. writing. reading. reading. no friends but somehow able to be a leader for the rest. days upon days have passed since september left. even he wasn’t able to stay as a friend.


october 2017 mood board

Spring and Summer Fashion Week 2018

Dear Reader,

Fashion Week for the Spring and Summer 2018 Collection has ended. The designers from all over the world did an amazing job creating some gorgeous collections with various designs reflecting the culture of the city and themselves.

The official fashion week websites are:

Fashion Week Online

To look at the all the posts for this fashion week, you can look at the Fashion Week page under Spring/Summer 2018 to check out all posts.

This time around, if you hadn’t noticed, I slacked off quite a bit doing this fashion week. The posts didn’t really have much of a review, just a few pictures of my favourites. These posts honestly take up a long time to do and I have just started my first year at university. It’s been a lot of stress and homework. I can’t wait to see what they have stored for us in the fall for the Fall and Winter 2018  Collection. Until then, look forward to more fashion sets, fashion illustrations and more.

Dear Reader, Spring and Summer Fashion Week 2018 has come and gone, can’t wait for the next one!


Paris Fashion Week (SS 2018) – Part 1

Dear Reader,

Paris Fashion Week designers have done an amazing job creating some wonderful designs that I am loving for next season. The rest of the posts for fashion week will maybe have a full collection review below the pictures depending on my comments of the designs.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called Mode à Paris. Continue reading