light blue pinafore

light blue pinafore

light blue pinafore by saamstaa featuring flower wall stickers

A light blue pinafore dress is paired with a full sleeve white tee-shirt. Accessories include light blue converse with white frilly socks, a blue beanie and a silver ring. The whole look is both girly and tom boy like which I love. The white penny board at the side is perfect with the tomboy side of the look. Nice weather means new adventures, which this look is perfect for. #spring #spring2017

Minimum sleeved maxi dress
100 CAD –

River Island cable knit socks
6.67 CAD –

American Apparel tennis sneaker
43 CAD –

Monki hat
10 CAD –

Jcp flower wall sticker
53 CAD –

rainy day adventures

rainy day adventures

rainy day adventures by saamstaa featuring a grey shirt

This look is a denim on denim ensemble, with both pieces light-washed. A light gray tank top is added with the look, along with a gray, white, and beige scarf. More accessories in beige include the wedged boots, a watch, and a satchel. A pair of glasses are added to the look. This look reminds of something an artist would wear on a rainy day when painting inside, and I am absolutely in love with the look. #spring #spring2017

Glamorous grey shirt
18 CAD –

LE3NO jean jacket
61 CAD –

Helmut Lang distressed jeans
190 CAD –

Journee Collection brown booties
79 CAD –

Mulberry beige clutch
575 CAD –

Topshop colorful scarve
20 CAD –

ZeroUV clear glasses
17 CAD –

Heart Graphic (black on white) Art Print
49 CAD –

the winter’s breeze still remains

the winter's breeze still remains

the winter’s breeze still remains by saamstaa featuring a winter outfit

This look is for one of those cold spring days. The day that is bright and sunny out with no clouds in the sky, but terribly cold and no one can be seen outside. The look consists of light washed jeans, a mustard sweater, and a gray coat over top. Gray converse and a satchel are added. Along with a scarf and watch. #spring #spring2017

Dagmar drop shoulder top
130 CAD –

Grey top
60 CAD –

Helmut Lang ripped blue jeans
185 CAD –

Converse low profile shoes
80 CAD –

Kate Spade crossbody bag
155 CAD –

Overland Sheepskin Co shawl scarve
60 CAD –

april 2017 mood board



a new month. a new season. a new beginning. the beginning of spring always gets me. though all the pollen of new emerging flowers gets my allergies running, its a beautiful time to spend in the park. the smell of fresh grass and a sight for sore eyes after a long dull winter. the signs of life are coming back. the sign of my life and my existence is coming back. it’s been a busy few weeks. this month no less will be tiring all the same. just imagine, after all that’s been going on is over, you will have a month of relaxation and spending time with yourself. a time that you can stop ignoring yourself and the priorities you have for yourself. it’s going to be alright. just remember that through this busy time of your life, spend time with family and friends as well. there’s going to be a time where it will just get harder to spend time with them.

prompt: april wakes up to the sound of a plane overhead. groans and shoves the blankets aside. runs her fingers through the knots in her hair and gives up. walks down a dim hallway to the kitchen and turns on the coffee maker. on the table she finds a gift and a note: hey, you survived 24 years on this planet. i’m proud of you. only march would know exactly how to say happy birthday without saying it. only march would know exactly how she felt without her saying a word. (found here)


april 2017 pintrest mood board

an addition to this madness

Dear Reader,

I honestly do not like change. At all. It gives me anxiety and fear of the unknown that is about to come in the near future. Moving. New people. New places. Fear. However, this posts isn’t necessarily about the change in my life that I detest.

This post is about the change of this blog. I love it and ifs format a lot. The platform gives me a chance to express myself through words and art and fashion. Everything that I love. It’s like a journal, diary and sketchbook all put into one. A place to put memories. However, it is not exactly where I want it to be just yet.

Some changes that will be added to this blog:

  • more fashion illustrations (both sketches and full colour)
  • more Polyvore looks and collections
  • more reviews of books, movies, podcasts, inspiration, fashion and more
  • more artwork that I have created (watercolour, ink, acrylic, online etc.)
  • videos. (yes, YouTube) I will be making a lot of aesthetic videos of my days/what I’ve been able to film, look books, art and more
  • Instagram. I will be posting some art work from time to time as well as some outfits and such. There will be no Polyvore looks on it.

I may add some more additions in the future, but for now this is what I am planning. For both my YouTube and Instagram, I will let you know once I have started one.

A final note, I may be updating the format of my blog a bit and making it more me. I can’t wait to start on upcoming projects! 🙂

Dear Reader, look forward for new additions to this blog!


cold winds fading in the april heat

cold winds fading in the april heat

cold winds fading in the april heat by saamstaa featuring checkered scarves

This look is simple and minimalistic as to colours and design. The look consists of a oversized cuffed tan and gray coloured coat, a short gray turtle neck, and wide legged light washed jeans. Accessories include a gray beanie, a pair of gray boots, and a gray and tan coloured scarf. Additionally, glasses, a watch and phone case are added. This look overall reminds me of someone wearing it when the snow is melting and the cold winds are fading away, whilst flowers bloom underneath all the cold. #spring

Hooded faux shearling coat
29 CAD –

Helmut Lang loose fit jeans
190 CAD –

Journee Collection grey ankle booties
100 CAD –

Casetify white iphone case
53 CAD –

Icebreaker hat
35 CAD –

Topshop checkered scarve
20 CAD –

ZeroUV lens glasses
17 CAD –

Wind Caressed from Penny Black – buy online
15 CAD –

Collect moments not things Sticker
55 CAD –

beda – blogging everyday in april

Dear Reader,

Yes. I am going to attempt to blog everyday in April. I was planning to actually commit and blog for 26 days this month to do the A-Z Challenge, which is basically blogging each day with a post that has a topic that starts with the letter of the day. Here is where you can learn more about it.

I quickly gave up on that idea when I realized I forgot to post the spring polyvore collection in March, and I have a specific format for that. Not only that, but I wasn’t able to come up with topic ideas relating back to the A-Z Challenge. Also, I didn’t find out about this until a couple days ago.

Instead, this has become a thing. I am hoping that I will actually commit to this, so let’s see how this goes.

I would also like to say that this blog may have some changes coming up. I may explain more about this in another post so I will not dwell on the idea here.

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoy this month filled with many posts (and tears).


PS. I have realized that this is going to be a busy month for me in my daily life, and now I have committed to this… Yay.

PPS. I am writing this note before I post. I found out that Daniel J. Layton Actor is also doing VEDA (video everyday in April). Please follow his videos as well. Here is the link to his first one.

time for adventure

time for adventure

time for adventure by saamstaa featuring a long shirt

This look is one that I am obsessed with. I would definitely wear this… everywhere. The look consists of a gray short skirt, a black and white stripped top, and a light material green jacket. It’s perfect. Something so minimalistic and casual is what I love. The look is accessorized with black heeled boots, a beanie, glasses, a chocker, bracelets, and a phone case.

Wood Wood long shirt

Long coat
23 CAD –

Theory short skirt
83 CAD –

H&M short boots
50 CAD –

Feather Stone friendship bracelet
43 CAD –

Wet Seal tattoo choker
5.22 CAD –

Knit hat
19 CAD –

ZeroUV clear glasses
17 CAD –

classy in gray

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray by saamstaa featuring gray sandals

A gorgeous semi-formal look all in different shades of gray. A light gray flared skirt paired with a slightly darker gray halter top tucked in. The cut-out in the centre adds a touch of something new. Under the top I would have preferred to put a light pink or coloured full sleeve top underneath to add a new colour into the look. Accessories with the look include gray coloured items such as a watch, platforms, and a satchel. This look is perfect for going to a semi-formal or formal event.

Miss Selfridge keyhole shirt
20 CAD –

Maticevski high waisted midi skirt
1,385 CAD –

Steve Madden gray sandals
40 CAD –

Kate Spade flap purse
185 CAD –

Topshop red gold jewelry
105 CAD –

Butterfly Rubber Stamps (RubberHedgehog.Com)
12 CAD –

Wind Caressed from Penny Black – buy online
14 CAD –

march 2017 mood board

march (n.)


a new month has begun. a fresh start from that long tuesday. i thought it would be a time of regret and worry, yet so much happened that i am proud of. i began a new life with new stuff to learn and new adventures that were created. from the happiness of spending time with friends and the spontaneous adventures that occured everday. apart from all the happiness, there was also a sense of lonliness that caught up even when i was surrounded by the people i love. lonley for one that i may never see again. lonley and sad for the adventures that may never occur. that hazy feeling has once again begun. every day and every moment seem to be forgotten in the fog that has yet to be lifted. here’s to a new month where hopefully i will be able to live in the moment and find myself through all the fog.

prompt: march wakes up suddenly in a cold sweat. runs a hand through his hair and catches his breath. a nightmare. he hasn’t had one in years. he sighs and scans the room looking for the last traces of february. an empty tea mug, a towel and something much deeper: a feeling that something has changed in him forever. (found here)


march 2017 pintrest mood board